Start by doing what's necessary


Whether it's recognising your high achievers or fostering important partnerships, a 'sense of place' can leave attendees feeling appreciated and inspired.

Then do
what's possible


The quality, diversity and uniqueness of the locations we source and the experiences we develop, are second to none whether in Sydney, Australia or throughout Asia-Pacific. Giving big events a sense of place, the small touches and calculated thoughtfulness, we relish in pushing the bar to exceed all expectations.

And suddenly
you're doing the impossible


Our top achievers incentive programmes are famous for unearthing exciting destinations for your people to discover one-off experiences that they'll never forget. As your event planners we push beyond the usual destination experiences to create breath-taking incentives.

Practise safe design.
Use a concept.


A carefully considered and extremely well executed event design plan can be much more effective than a large-scale, big-budget offensive. We work to avoid the sea of sameness from one event to the next. Simplicity can stand out where complexity can get lost in the crowd. We work with you to create memorable and meaningful opportunities for your customers to interact with your brand at your event.

Craft your mental blue print, and begin to build.


Your focus should be on delivering your message while we as your conference organisers make the smart technical decisions behind the scenes. Verve Events International collaborate with highly skilled partners in every destination to ensure your event is flawlessly produced. The best quality finishes, the highest standards of production and nothing left to chance, and we’ll provide the cool factor in your event that people want to brag about for weeks to come.

Advanced technology indistinguishable from magic.


Being innovative isn't about coming up with all the ideas yourself, it's about knowing how to attract the right minds, harness their powers and execute the ideas flawlessly. At VEI, your team of event organisers couple smart design, production detail and the latest technology in order to give your event an edge. We're not shy in sharing our ideas. Ideas are free, the magic is in the execution.

How we do